Poem of the Week: Just Be Yourself, Homey! A Lesson in Limerick Chain Form

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, readers!

To be perfectly honest with you all, I’d been hoping to come up with something a little festive this week to commemorate this holiday. However, I came up with this piece instead, and judging from the title, the message should be readily apparent. Without further ado, then, here’ my third “Poem of the Week” for March 2013, Just Be Yourself, Homey! A Lesson in Limerick Chain Form. Please enjoy!


Just Be Yourself, Homey! A Lesson in Limerick Chain Form
March 13, 2013

Is quite the virtue, you see,
That is sorely missing
From this Hellfire-kissing
Mess of a society,

For too many people today
Are trying to be, as one’d say,
Full of baloney
And downright phony
In their attempts to portray

Themselves as that which they’re not,
The poor narrow-minded sots.
They just don’t understand
The matter at hand,
And it simply makes my brain rot

Every time I think of these fools
And the idiotic rule
That they’ve chosen to live by
‘Til the day they die
And how they will never be schooled

In conventional rationality,
Which would surely help them see
That the secret to life
In staving off mental strife
Is just being the best person one can be.

Why bother putting on airs
To impress those who only care
About how you might
Partake in their plights,
Yet not give a damn to be there

For you when you need a friend
When trouble’s just around the bend,
Especially if they
Had brought it underway
To bite you in the rear end?

Why bother, for instance, acting tough
And pretending you’ve got “the stuff,”
Thinking you’re some star,
So much bigger than you are,
At least until the going gets rough

And you end up getting your ass kicked
All because of some fight you’d picked
Just to prove how much
Of a “man” you are and such?
As far as I’m concerned, serves you right, Slick!

Also, why bother acting “cool”
Like it’s the whole world you rule,
Donning hipster threads
From your feet to your head
And acting all like a fool

Just to impress some dame
Whom you like and hope feels the same
About your naïve ass
‘Til she starts acting crass
And shows her true colors? Such a shame!

Finally, why bother acting smart
‘Bout something you know nothing of to start
Just to lure others
To believe you, brother,
And your “expertise” on the subject or art

‘Til one day, you make that slip
And lose your precious grip
On the topic in question
And learn a hard lesson
In monitoring what passes through your lips?

Why not just be yourself
And not imitate anyone else?
Don’t deny it, my friend;
It’d be easier in the end
Than just putting your true nature on a shelf

And instead playing some bogus part
Like a con man practicing his art,
Internally dying
While openly lying,
Hoping others stay fooled from the start

As you lock your true character inside
Behind a mask of pretension and pride,
For should you ever doubt,
The truth will leak out
Soon enough and spread far and wide,

And a poser you shall be branded,
And to you, your ass will be handed
And tossed into briars,
For no one likes a liar,
Especially when it’s been commanded

By the masses that truth be the way
To come along and drive away
All the atrocities
That now plague humanity
Since we ourselves unleashed them one day,

And sure, some people might say
That truth will bring about the day
The demise of the world
As we know it, boys and girls,
And we’ll be ruing it every which way.

Guess what, though: I’ll take that chance
In hopes that society’ll advance
And bring about a reality
With less superficiality
Than what’s already ruined the dance,

And Heaven knows I’ll do my share
To help bring about such a world so fair
By starting with…who else?
My own sweet self
And show all how much I care

‘Bout being the best person I can be
And not what others demand of me.
I’ll portray myself with class
And not be an ass
Who gives in to artificiality.

After all, who really likes a phony
In a world already full of baloney?
Why give it all you’ve got
To be something you’re not
When you can just be yourself, homey?


Well, that should do it or this week. I thank you all once again for stopping by my blog and reading the little composition I’ve posted above, and I hope you all have found this poem entertaining. I also hope you’ll stop by my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to check out my current assortment of publications, and in the meantime, have a safe and prosperous St. Patrick’s Day, and happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: Just Be Yourself, Homey! A Lesson in Limerick Chain Form

  1. Great message you’re presenting in this poem, my friend. I especially like your use of limerick format to present your point. It’s quite clever. I definitely encourage you to publish more poems like this on your blog here.

    • I appreciate your compliment, sir, and thank you for your encouragement. I definitely plan to provide more poetry like this in the not-too-distant future. Keep your eyes open, then, for future blog entries like this one! 🙂

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