Poem of the Week: Tough

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Just out of curiosity, folks, have any of you ever created something that was meant to be one thing yet ended up being something completely different? I only ask because this week’s “Poem of the Week” just happens to fit that bill to a T. Originally meant to criticize men and women of like who have a penchant for showcasing “tough guy” attitudes toward others, this work more or less took on a life of its own when I was writing it and…well, let’s just say that you can read for yourselves to find out exactly what it’s all about. Without further ado, then, here’s Tough. Please enjoy!


February 25, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’ve simply had enough
Of all these macho losers who think they’re so damn tough,
Who, for whatever excuse, think they can throw their weight around
And torment everyone they come across and bring them down.
No matter how mentally or physically weak or strong one may be,
No matter the person’s gender, race, or ethnicity,
Religion, age, sexual preference, social status, or nationality,
We’re all bound to put up somehow with these punks’ banality,
Regardless if it’s bodily or verbally abusive and degrading,
For they’re always loud and obnoxious, never quietly contemplating,
For thinking isn’t their nature. You can hear it when they talk.
You can even see it in their faces and in the way they walk,
Always thinking they’re important, high and mighty, and oh so right,
And if you say or do otherwise, prepare yourself for a fight,
Whether it be with words or, worse yet, with fists,
For these goons are all about themselves, and you’ll surely get the gist,
Should you ever cross their path and they see you as fair game
And try to ruin your life to where it’ll never be the same.
They’ll call you all sorts of names and insult your intelligence,
Should you happen to say or do something to which they take offense.
They’ll literally get in your face about it, too, to worsen things
And back you into a corner to see how much fear they can bring
And project unto you in hopes of making you submissive.
So belligerent they are that only fools would find their actions dismissive—
Especially when their verbal abuse physically manifests,
And they leave you battered and broken before the cops come to make an arrest.
Worse yet is how oftentimes, they won’t do so alone
And instead will bring in the few friends that they can call their own
To join in the fun with them, together acting like a pack
Of starving wolves on one lone rabbit all on the attack,
All wanting a piece of meat, no matter how little it’d be.
Then again, they’re not the only breed of troublemaker, you see,
For what about the idiots who call you on the phone
And leave you nasty messages from the safety of their own home?
Where’s the toughness in that, I wonder? Where exactly is the bravery
When it’s only their voices you hear and no their faces you see?
It’s not even all that clever, what with the likes of caller ID,
Save for these crank callers hiding their phone numbers, they’re so cowardly.
Worse still, though, are the craven trolls who dwell on the Internet—
So far and without question the most despicable yet,
Hiding their faces from the world behind a computer screen,
A codename and a keyboard with which they type things so obscene—
Often illiterately, too, with odd capitalization,
Misspelled words aplenty, and little to no punctuation,
Hurling nasty words around from slurs and profanities
To slanderous accusations and death threats as they please.
As said before, these are the worst—true cowards to the very core
Like the kids who ring your doorbell then sprint away from your door,
For how likely would these creeps ever speak such smack to anyone’s face?
Never in their lives, I’d imagine, though it’s still quite a disgrace
That they’d say such things to begin with to a fellow human being,
Trying to intimidate them without anyone at home seeing.
Now, all I’ve discussed already concerns petty, childish crap,
But what about these morons who try to give others a bad rap
By going behind their backs and telling lie after lie
And getting others to believe them for only God knows why.
Now, where’s the courage in that? Nowhere, for what I can see,
And I just don’t understand why these brats feel the need to be
So rotten and insufferable and flat-out deceptive to boot,
For not only are their actions disruptive, but they just don’t suit
This whole façade they’re trying to put on of being tough,
For sure, they can dish out the damage, but they can’t take it well enough.
Too dense are they all to realize that true strength comes from within,
From respecting oneself and others, no matter the situation one’s in.
Trees don’t grow, after all, by knocking other trees down,
But rather by drawing strength from the sun, the rain, and the ground,
And from them one can learn an important lesson in life,
For really, what good does it do to cause others grief and strife?
What good does destroying do when you can grow instead?
Such is the lesson I wish would find its way into these thugs’ heads.
What benefits does one get, after all, from causing pain
Upon a fellow human being? Such a notion can’t be sane,
For when regular people hurt others, they end up hurting as well,
Rarely—if ever— feeling glad and far more often feeling like hell
With any sense of satisfaction being only fleeting at best,
And as far as what comes after, surely you can guess the rest.
One would think it’d be simpler, too, to try to earn people’s respect
So they could rely on their friendship later on when life tries to inject
Some hardship into their own lives, but guess what they do instead:
Try to intimidate others and mess around with their heads instead
All because they need some beat-up doll to take their frustrations out on
Instead of doing something constructive about it like composing a song
Or writing a book or poem or sweating it out in the gym.
Apparently, they won’t feel whole unless they put someone else in
A difficult situation to where the victim feels so bad inside
That his or her mental upheaval drives him or her to suicide,
Thus not only ending his or her life, but also destroying
Those of the poor soul’s loved ones, all because some creep felt like toying
With the victim for selfish reasons, and personally, I’ve had enough
Of hearing about such sad outcomes all because someone had to act tough
And not actually be tough and be strong for themselves
And be a decent person in life among all else.
Such is why are what they are today, even though
Such policies should have been implemented two decades ago,
For too many have been the atrocities that have happened these days
Where some jackass had to be macho and resort to unscrupulous ways
And feed some complex he or she had floating ‘round in his or her head,
And after all is said and done, the only thing needing to be said
In respect to this topic at hand is that I hope karma comes along
And bites every jerk in the ass before he or she commits more wrongs
And gives him or her so much grief that he or she reflects on
The evils he or she has done to where he or she wants to
Become a productive citizen in a grand effort to undo
The damage he or she has done and make a better name
For himself or herself in hopes of healing everyone’s pain.
After all, society’s suffered enough macho attitudes
That have proven to be childish, cowardly, insecure, and rude,
And even if the cycle must continue, then at least
Dampen the situation and somehow tame the beast
Enough to where it’s manageable and less imperfect than right now,
And hopefully, after all is said and done, we’ll move on somehow.


That should do it for this week. Hopefully, next week’s poem will cover a different topic, as I know I’ve already posted at least two poems covering this particular subject already, and I really don’t want to milk it dry. In the meantime, though, thank you all once again for stopping by, and as always, be sure to check out my author pages at Smashwords.com, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see which books I have available for purchase. Until next time, then, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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