Poem of the Week: To She Who Could’ve Been My Wife

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

…well, within the next four days, leastways. Anyways, as promised last week, here’s a short little love poem I’d written a while back to commemorate the holiday. Without further ado, then, in honor of all the lovelorn bachelors throughout the world, here’s To She Who Could’ve Been My Wife. Please enjoy!


To She Who Could’ve Been My Wife

August 1, 2012


Let’s face facts, honey; I’ve really let you down.

I could’ve been somebody far more than just a clown,

But take a look at my life now and the mess of it I’ve made

Just because I’ve been so careless and embarrassingly afraid.

I can’t even keep a single dollar, much less a whole nest egg,

And no matter how desperately I plead, petition, and beg,

Job opportunities keep slipping like grains of sand

Straight between my fingers, no matter how I cup my hands.

Every app. I’ve submitted gets returned with a “Best of luck,”

Which has happened to me so often, I’m now asking, “What the…hell?

Apparently, nobody wants a young guy with a brain in his head,

No matter how fresh he is, ‘cause apparently, they’d be in the red

If they even dared to consider paying him that which he’s worth,

So instead, they blow him off and make him question the point of his birth,

Much like how I’m now questioning how I’d lost my way

Back during a time that should’ve been for me the “Good Old Days”—

A time where I could discover myself in a world that was more or less mine,

When I could leave the drama from the previous six years behind

And move on into the adult world, where I was long meant to be,

But I’ve taken so many wrong turns during that time, and now look at me:

I’m still not where I should’ve been five, ten years ago,

And it might still take a good long while before I finally grow

Into the shoes I should’ve filled by this point in time,

So for your own sake, be thankful that you’re no wife of mine.

Maybe in the next life, if you believe in such a thing,

We’ll be together, bride and groom, and for all time we’ll sing

A song of love and happiness to last throughout the ages,

And hopefully by then, I wouldn’t have gone through so many phases

Like a confused chameleon, always changing color left and right

Without the mental faculties to hide himself amongst the blight

Of the decaying island paradise he’d once called home.

Unfortunately, in this lifetime, there’s only one place I now roam:

The Road of Disappointment of both self and everyone else,

And though I do my damnedest not to feel sorry for myself,

My bleak, inconstant future constantly hits me in the face,

Reminding me time and again just what kind of disgrace

I’ve made of myself for not devising and sticking to a plan

Once I’ve fled adolescence and was expected to become a man.

I’m sorry, love, to have let you down, but if it’s consolation to you,

I’ll do everything in my power to redeem myself and stay true

To who I always should have been once adulthood came a-knockin’,

And once I’ve finally cleaned up my act, good fortune will come flockin’,

And maybe then I’ll finally enjoy all that I once threw away,

Regardless of whether or not you’ll be here to help celebrate that day.

Have faith in me, sweetheart, for believe it or not, my life isn’t through,

And one of these days, I’ll finally prove myself to you,

Even if Fate sees to it that we never meet again

Until the Afterlife, and if I make it to Heaven, I’ll see you then.


Well, that should do it for this week. As always, thank you for reading, and feel free to share this and any of my other poems with your friends and loved ones. Also, be sure to check out my author page at Smashwords.com and my Author Central pages at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Until next time, then, regardless if any of you have a “special someone” of your own to share the holiday with or not, happy Valentine’s Day, and happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


8 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: To She Who Could’ve Been My Wife

  1. Excellent poem, my friend. Really tugged at my heartstrings. You ought to write more pieces like this on your blog.

    • I appreciate the compliment. As for adding more love poems to this blog, hey–maybe in the not-too-distant future. I can’t promise exactly when that’ll be, though, so keep your eyes open. 😉

  2. Excellent love poem you’ve got here! Great choice for Valentine’s Day. You ought to do one for St. Patrick’s Day, too.

    • Hmm…good idea. I definitely plan to, that’s for sure. Even if I don’t, though, I hope you’ll stop on by again on March 17 all the same to see which one I am able to post.

      I the meantime, thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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