Poem of the Week: A Rant about People

How’s it going readers?

This week’s “Poem of the Week” is for each and every single person out there who’s ever been frustrated and disgusted with all the sick, twisted, and otherwise reprehensible people in society. Trust me, I, too, have come across many a freak, creep, and scumbag myself, but believe me when I tell you to never give up hope. Good people do exist in the world, after all, and though it’s a pain in the neck to try and find them, doing so is worth it in the end. In the meantime, for those times when you still need to vent about the people who don’t fit that bill, here’s a little something you can turn to as a means of helping you vent. Without further ado, then, here’s A Rant about People. Please enjoy!


A Rant about People

January 23, 2013


People really suck sometimes,

And it makes my poor teeth grind

That each new day,

They find a way

To drive me out of my mind.

From bullies to liars to trolls

And people who are just assholes—

Why they all exist,

I just barely get the gist,

But it makes my heart grow cold

Whenever I hear or see

On the radio or the TV

Or even read about

From a columnist’s mouth

Just how rotten people can be.

This world has become so overrun

With folks who look out for “Number One”

And nobody else

Aside from themselves

That it makes my head grow numb.

Apparently, as once said in the past,

Nice guys do finish last,

For no matter the place,

They won’t get in the face

Of anyone for fear of being crass,

Even when they know they’re right,

And when compelled to use their might

For right or for wrong,

They’re the first to say so long

And be punished for struggling with their plight.

It’s not even just them, though,

Who bring me all this woe,

But also those folks

Whose brains are made of smoke

And whose stupidity shows

In every action they take

And every decision they make,

And each of their blunders

Makes me wonder

How we became such a nation of flakes,

For the stupider people are,

The more likely they are to go far,

So forget hard work,

All you naïve jerks!

Effort won’t make you any kind of star.

In fact, the less wisdom you show,

The more notoriety you grow,

And it’ll be your face

Shown all over the place

On mag covers before you know.

Talent means nothing, either,

So long as you’re a believer

In the tramp named Lady Luck.

Then, no matter when you’re stuck

And so long as you never leave her,

Fame’s always yours for the taking,

As is the fortune you’ll be making,

No matter how much

You stink and such,

No matter how much skill you’re faking.

This world’s just messed up that way,

And it only gets worse with each day

That passes on by,

And I’m still asking why

It has to be this way.

I thus that I’ll soon see

A brighter day for people like me

Who, like brave fools,

Play by the rules

And try to be the best we can be,

Who are neither brimming with hate,

Nor stupidity incarnate,

But are average Joes and Janes

Who are trying to retain

Our sanity in this messed-up state.

When that’ll be, I can’t say,

But one thing’s for sure, leastways:

I can’t afford to give in,

So I’ll keep up my chin

And keep on living each day.

Still, things have got to change, and fast,

For this low-class era can’t last,

And I’ll be damned

If serving today’s hams

Doesn’t become a thing of the past.


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Dustin M. Weber


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