Poem of the Week: The Nature of Friendship

The Nature of Friendship

January 7, 2013


This world we live in ain’t perfect; that’s something we all come to know,

But that doesn’t mean this world has to be one where friendship doesn’t grow,

For what is a world without people with whom we actually care about,

Especially when social connections are something we humans can’t live without?

Indeed, what’s life without someone with whom we can share our hopes and dreams,

Someone to see us through thick and thin, no matter the nature of our schemes,

Someone to catch us when we fall and dust us off when we come to,

To cheer us up when we’re down whenever our dreams fail to come true,

Someone who finds enjoyment in the same kind of things we do,

Someone to exchange ideas with and is easy to talk to,

Someone who knows how to treat others with respect and dignity,

Who’s not a creep to others just to see how “tough” he or she can be,

Someone who’s not overbearing, but still knows when to step in

To keep us on the right track and not let us succumb to our sins?

The reverse is true as well, for really, what’s life without someone to care for,

Who may have his or her own issues, but yet is still someone to be there for—

Someone who teaches us ‘bout who we are through their own actions and behaviors

And how we react to them, be we enabler, punisher, or savior,

Someone who keeps us on our toes and reminds us of the little things,

Who reminds us of life’s challenges and what answering such challenges brings,

Someone whom we can teach life’s lessons to and, in return,

Remind ourselves of the very things we so often have to relearn,

Someone who looks up to us and trusts us in all we do,

Who returns our love unconditionally during all that life puts us through?

Such is the nature of friendship either within or outside the family,

And though it’s oftentimes flawed, think of how beautiful it can still be

When two people care enough about each other to create a bond

That cannot be broken over the years and of which both can be fond

Because of the benefits both friends feel to last for time infinite,

So long as the friendship is maintained carefully by those within it.

Such is why it’s so important to treasure the friends you make,

For grave are the consequences of the friendships one might forsake.


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Dustin M. Weber


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