Poem of the Week: Contemplations of a Dreamer

Contemplations of a Dreamer

January 2, 2013


There’s always going to be a part of me that hurts.

There’s always going to be a part of me that resents what I’ve had to go through in the past.

There’s always going to be a part of me that wishes I can turn back the clock and do certain things all over again.


Sadly, that’s not how time works.


Time only moves forward outside of the mind, never backwards.

Time teaches us the necessity of learning from our mistakes.

Time teaches us the value of planning our course ahead so tat the “what ifs” don’t stack up so high.


Then again, how often do things go according to plan?


Often enough, the world has a way of changing how things turn out for us.

Often enough, things turn out for the better, and we’re blessed with more than we could ever ask for.

Often enough, though, things also turn out for the worst, and we’re forced to deal with the circumstances.


All too often, it’s more of the latter than the former.


What can one do, then, when life takes a turn for the worst?

What can one do when the worst case scenario rears its ugly head?

What can one do in particular when one’s been down on one’s luck for years at a time?


The only thing anyone can do: Keep plugging away.


One can never afford to just up and quit any struggle in life.

One can never afford to give up on one’s dreams in particular.

One can never afford to throw in the towel when there’s always a way to succeed…


…assuming, of course, that one has the will to find a way.


Heaven knows, too, that I have a will to help me get things done.

Heaven knows that I won’t give up or go down without a fight.

Heaven knows that I’d sooner die than let go of this dream I’ve been following for so long.


I can’t quit now…especially not after I’ve made it this far.


I know there’s a place for me within this crazy world we all live in.

I know there’s a place for me specifically within my chosen realm of focus.

I know my contributions matter somewhere to someone and that I can become a driving force in my chosen profession.


All I need is a little push.


I’m not asking for handouts, either.

I’m not asking for people to hold my hand and tell me where to go and what to do.

I’m certainly not asking for people to do my own work for me.


This is my own dream, after all. Rather…


I just need the opportunity to prove myself.

I just need someone to believe in me and give me a chance to show everyone what I’ve got to offer.

I just need the platform necessary for me to tell the world that I matter and that I can make a difference.


The problem is, however, finding that platform…but…


The way I see it, my foot’s in the door.

The way I see it, I’ve already completed the first step.

The way I see it, my name’s already out there, even if only on a small scale.


It shouldn’t be too much longer now. Even so…


I know this dream of mine won’t come true overnight.

I know I’ve still got a long way to go in fulfilling my destiny.

I know I still have plenty of obstacles standing in my way, too.


Still, there’s only one way I can go now: forward…


Forward into a new tomorrow,

Forward towards a better day,

Forward into an era where I can finally earn everything I’ve been fighting for…


…and away from the living hell I’ve known for far too long.


The road’s still going to be pretty rough, too.

The road’s still going to be very long and winding on top of that.

The journey itself, therefore, is still going to try my patience every which way it can.


You know what, though? I say bring it all on!


Bring on all the naysayers who swear that I don’t belong.

Bring on all the critics who might turn up their noses at what I do.

Bring on all the doubters who don’t think I’ll ever make it to the top of my chosen industry.


I’ll prove them all wrong, because you know what?


I’ve already set my sights on my intended prize.

I’ve already dealt with many a hardship as matters stand.

I’ve already made a mark in my field, too, no matter how little…


…and no one can stop me but me from at long last winning this struggle.


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Dustin M. Weber


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