Poem of the Week: For All Who’ve Ever Been Bullied

Happy New Year, readers!

Well, as 2012 comes to a close within the next couple of days, I must say that I’ve got plenty to think about when it comes to adding new content to this blog in terms of poetry, articles, and so forth. Heaven knows just how many ideas I have in store for this coming year, specifically when it comes to finishing that which I’ve started (i.e., my Bloody Roar reboot, my discussion of how video games help spur my creativity as a writer, etc.). For right now, however, I’ve got one final “Poem of the Week” that I want to share with you all, which I hereby dedicate towards anyone out there who’s ever been bullied before. Without any further ado, then…


For All Who’ve Ever Been Bullied

December 26, 2012


This is the topic at hand:

Bullying, which I’ll never understand,

A topic that for

The past two years or more

Has been a hot topic ‘cross the land.


You see, back when I was a boy,

I never understood the joy

Of trying to get others

Running off to their mothers

By playing with their minds like toys.


To me, the whole thing just seemed sick—

A pastime for childish twits

Devoid of any spine

As well as any mind

Within the depths of their skulls so thick,


And yet it’s said that bullies are smart

At intimidating others, to start,

For so often do they win

In getting under the skin

Of those whom they’re trying to tear apart.


Then again, maybe it’s just me,

But I do hope other people see

That its takes a simple brain,

Else being downright insane

For one to experience such glee


For hurting a fellow human being

And failing miserably at seeing

The evils of their ways

Until much later days

When into adult diapers they’re peeing.


Yes, I know that last part was gross,

But what still hangs me up the most

Is when bullies have no remorse

For their dastardly course

Of action, which is really nothing to boast,


For it takes no effort to hurt

Be you a giant or just a squirt,

No matter what you gain

Or how you inflict pain,

For the payoff’s worth les than dirt—


Especially when it comes right back

And gives you a mighty smack

‘Cross your cocky little yap

With such a thunderclap

That it makes you wish you’d never attacked


Anyone in the first place,

For really, such behavior’s a disgrace,

And it always makes me throw up

When such idiots fail to grow up

And further embarrass the human race.


Worse than bullying itself, however,

Is how the victims later on must endeavor

An attempt to regain

All that which their pain

Threatens to deny them of forever,


For even as adulthood comes around,

These tortured souls can be found

Coping with anxiety,

Which they have to such a degree

That they can never seem to hold their ground


In any given situation,

No matter their income or station.

Their nerves are just that wracked

And always denied the slack,

No thanks to their mental devastation,


And that, my friends, is a shame,

For Heaven knows what the world would gain

If such people could stand

Like anyone else can

With pride, and though surely they can blame


Themselves for not being strong

And standing up for themselves all along,

They still wouldn’t feel

Like they’ve received a bad deal

If not for the dastardly wrongs


Of their bullies, who—for whatever

Reason—found it a great endeavor

To pick on their prey

And ruin their days,

Thinking they’re all tough and clever


When, in fact, at their very core,

They’re just frauds and cowards and nothing more

Who apparently can’t wake up

And at least begin to shape up

To face their own problems galore.


Now, there may’ve been a point I’ve missed

In my discussion on all this,

But to spare all of thee

From sheer redundancy,

I’ll assume you’ve all got the gist,


So I’ll end the discussion on this note

By saying that bullying’s no joke.

It’s a sick twisted game

Meant for the insane,

And by itself, it won’t go up in smoke,


And even if we can’t make it end,

Let’s still share this message in hopes to send

Some good will towards those

Who’ve taken such blows

In hopes that they can move on, friends.


Well, that should do it for this year poetrywise, ladies and gentlemen. Before I officially conclude this post, though, I would like to wish a very happy 2013 to each and every one of my followers here on WordPress and to everyone else who regularly follows this blog. Thanks to all of you, this month in particular has become the most successful one I’ve had yet in terms of visits and likes, and hopefully within the upcoming year, I’ll experience even more growth and provide even more material for you all to enjoy. For right now, however, I encourage you all as always to please visit my author pages at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Smashwords.com to check out what work I have available for purchase. Also, be on the lookout for my New Year’s Resolutions post, which I intend to post either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how well I can manage the rest of my workload. Until then, though, thanks again, and happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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