Poem of the Week: Let’s Make the Future Great!

Happy Holidays, readers!

My apologies for not posting a “Poem of the Week” yesterday as has been the custom on this blog of mine since day one. Hopefully, however, today’s Haiku chain will make up for it, and while I will admit that yes, it does reference how the world was “supposed” to come to an end this past December 21 yet didn’t, this piece is more of a celebration of life and of our hope to make the world a better place on account of the Apocalypse not taking place. If that still makes this a touchy subject for some of you out there, I’m sorry. However, I hope the rest of you will kindly stick around to read the following composition all the same. Please enjoy!


Let’s Make the Future Great!
December 24, 2012

Well, the world didn’t
End as some predicted…so
What’s next after this?
An end to drama?
An end to stupidity?
An end to madness?
How ‘bout a new start—
A new beginning for all
Who wish to move on
And see tomorrow.
The question is, however,
What does the future
Hold? Perhaps the change
We’ve all been waiting for for
Heaven knows how long—
One for the better,
One where freedom and justice
Are granted to all
The honest and hard-
Working people of the world?
One can sure hope so.
I most certainly
Would love to live in a world
Where prosperity
And peace are always
In season—where destruction
And death have both been
Reduced to little
More than fleeting memories
Of a much darker
Age. I’ll certainly
Keep my fingers crossed for such
A fate to befall
Upon us all. Then
Again, creating such a
Future surely won’t
Rely solely on
Promise and good fortune—not
When we members of
The human race have
The power to affect the
Passage of time as
We all know it but
A wave of our hands or the
Utterance of a
Single word. Indeed,
If we want things to suit our
Ever-growing needs
And desires, then
We all have to do our part
To set the stage for
Such a change to take
Place. We’re the ones, after all,
With the power and
The knowledge to make
Things right in the world, and not
For our sake alone,
Either, but for the
Sake of all who still live as
Well as those who shall
Be born in years yet
To come—the inheritors
Of the world, so to
Speak, once our time on
This planet comes to pass and
Our souls move into
The Great Beyond—they
Who shall either prosper or
Suffer based on the
Actions we take now
During these, our living years.
The time’s thus now to
Ensure this race’s
Longevity upon this
Planet we’ve come to
Know and love, even
During the worst of times. Let’s
All work together,
Therefore, to better
The earth ev’ry which way we
Possibly can and
Help our fellow men,
Women, and children carry
On growing, learning,
And developing
On the whole so that once we
Have to go, they’ll be
Able to take our
Places and hopefully make
The world an even
Kinder, gentler, and
Friendlier place to live in
Than we ever could
Envision it to
Be. After all, Ragnarok,
The Apocalypse,
You may call it—hasn’t come
Just yet, and I say
We should keep it that
Way for generations to
Come. Onward towards
Brighter days, then, my
Fellow human beings. Let’s
Make the future great!


Well, that should do it for this week. Thank you all for reading, and I hope that next time I post something here on this blog, it’ll be something other than poetry, seeing as how I’ve published so many poems on this blog already over the past couple of weeks. In the meantime, folks, please visit my author pages at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Smashwords.com to check out my latest works, and until next we meet, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays in general, and as always, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


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