Bonus Poem of the Week: Letting Go of My Days within the Machine

Happy Holidays, readers!

Just thought I’d share another poem with you all that I just happened to whip up yesterday. I’m not going into too much detail about it, though. Instead, I’d like to encourage some poster-reader interaction and have you respond to this post with your guess as to what I’m talking about in this piece. Without further ado, then…let the guessing game begin!


Letting Go of My Days within the Machine
December 18, 2012

Enough is enough! That’s a wrap!
I’ve had it with this superficial crap.
I’ve had it with playing people’s mind games.
I think the whole scene’s simply insane.
Respect has long left through the door.
Nothing’s mutual anymore.
Genuineness? I used to know it well,
But that whole philosophy’s gone straight to Hell.
So many people only care about themselves,
Never thinking to share with anyone else.
It’s all take, take, take from hereon out,
So much to the point where I’m about
To give up soon, lest I take a step back
And take a deep breath before a heart attack
Claims my life, grim though that may sound,
But let’s face it, people, I’ve finally found
After living so long in this life I’ve led
That human courtesy is pretty much dead,
And even if it’s not, it’s on life support—
So much, in fact, that makes me snort
In utter contempt at how humanity
Has fallen from where it used to be,
From inheritors of the earth to braindead scum,
Save for the few insightful ones
Who notice pure feces upon first whiff
And know better than to take a second sniff
And become intoxicated like everyone else.
Know who was part of that second group, too? Myself.
I thought I could work from within the Machine
And make it work for me, if you know what I mean—
To make the mainstream hear what I have to say,
But did anyone stop and listen? No way!
Maybe for a minute or two, but then
When they tried to get me to become one of them
And support their cause, whatever it may’ve been,
They’d sever the ties, run away, and pretend
That they never bothered to hear me out,
And all ‘cause I wasn’t what they were about.
Well, sorry, you shallow, self-serving scum,
But 1) Nobody can please everyone,
Which is why I’ll never try to; ‘tis just waste of time,
But then again, when it came to these words of mine,
2) Why’d you even bother stopping to see
Them if your whole plan was converting me
Into yet another disciple of yours—
A cult of mindless drones on a crash course
To somewhere I don’t want to be,
Where there’s no future for the likes of me?
So really? You don’t give a damn ‘bout who I am
Or what I can offer this troubled land
Just ‘cause my destination’s not parallel
To wherever you’re aiming to be? Oh, well…
Besides, what has the Machine ever done
For me in my endless mission to become
One of the greats in my chosen industry
Who’ve paved the way for people just like me?
Not a damn thing! You want to know why?
Whatever I’ve said there has never caught the eyes
Of people who’ve cared and have taken the time
Out of their lives to know such thoughts of mine
As I’ve shared elsewhere for but a small fee
Or, for that matter, for absolutely free,
So no more “You scratch my back, I scratch yours.”
That’s not the way I make any score.
You like my material, feel free to subscribe.
Show your support, and in turn, you’ll imbibe
Whatever elixir of thought I provide
Day in, day out—whenever you decide
To stop by this humble tavern of mine and take
A load off your feet, for Heaven’s sake,
And chug down some High Brow Brew for a while—
A beverage guaranteed to make you smile
One way or another, for your tastes are my own,
And this corner of the world, we’re both at home.
Pardon me, then, if here I sound crass,
But for all I care, the Machine can kiss my ass,
For I’d rather be home ‘mongst people like me,
Home where there still exists some sincerity,
Home where I’m free to be myself
And need not satisfy anyone else
Other than the folks who’ve cared since day one,
For you are the people who make this task fun,
And now that I’m done sharing my tale of woe,
I can look back on my folly and at last let go.


Okay, everyone, if you have any guess as to what this poem’s about, please leave a response to this post below. Otherwise, I’d just like to thank everyone who’s made these past first eight to nine months here on so great, especially those of you who have subscribed and liked my material. Your support really means a lot to me. As for those of you who haven’t, hey—don’t sweat it. You’re always welcome to subscribe via WordPress account or via email to read the latest from me on this blog of mine. Also, please visit any one of my three author pages at either,, or to check out my current library of publications, and feel free to purchase a book or two from any one of these sites for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, thanks again, and happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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