Poem of the Week: Ticking Away

Ticking Away

November 4, 2012





Here I am watching the hands on the clock

Moving ‘round and ‘round, and they just won’t stop.

Slow though they go, they make their way all the same

‘Round the face of the clock, obviously in the name

Of time—the one constant absolute,

Always moving forward, oh so resolute,

Never moving back or stopping for anyone—

Man, woman, or child—under God’s hot sun.

Contrary, then, to popular belief,

Time’s not on anyone’s side, much to all our grief,

For it waits for no one, no matter one’s needs.

All it does is pass folks by at the same constant speed,

Running circles ‘round them as if they were standing still,

Lest they know how to keep up with it and follow its will.

Things change, people age, and fads come and go,

One by one, and insanely so.

What’s familiar one year might vanish the next,

Being replaced by something different, leaving some folks vexed.

Moments come and go, as do opportunities,

And not savoring them can bring one to one’s knees,

Especially if friends and family are involved in any way,

For even loved ones can’t be with us forever, sad to say,

For mortal life is both a blessing and a curse,

And our time on Earth is limited, for better or for worse—

Usually the latter, for some people never learn

That wasting time’s like playing with fire; both’ll get you burned,

Which is why it’s so important to make the most of what you’ve got.

I sure know myself I’d rather not sit ‘round and rot.

I’d rather treasure my moments with the people I love,

Enjoying every minute with them and thanking the stars above

That I have such people in my life, short though it may be.

As for every chance for self-fulfillment that’s out there for me,

I’ll be damned if I stand idle and let it pass me by.

After all, I’d love to reach my full potential  before I die

And make my mark in history and prove that I matter, too,

For fading into obscurity’s something nobody wants to do.

Unfortunately, time’s a-tick, tick, ticking away,

And if I don’t get things in gear, I’ll never see the day

That I do achieve my ultimate dream, so please excuse me, gang,

For if I waste any further time, I’ll surely hang.


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Until next time, everyone, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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