Poem of the Week: No Matter

Hey, readers!

The point of this week’s “Poem of the Week” is simple: It’s a morale booster for each and every single person out there who has a dream that he or she is trying to attain, yet has constantly been told by one party or another that they can’t do it. The next time any of you feel that you can’t accomplish your dreams and live up to your full potential, just do yourselves a favor and recite this poem, No Matter, to yourselves, and hopefully, it’ll pick your spirits back up and give you reason again to carry on with your plight. Enjoy!


No Matter

October 27, 2012


No matter how often you spit in my face,

No matter how you try to put me in my place,

No matter how many times you try to disgrace

Me for being whatever you’re not,

No matter the lies you spread about me,

No matter what virtues of mine you fail to see,

I’ll carry on being the best I can be,

And your insults will all be for naught.

My will, after all, is more steadfast

Than you’ll ever imagine, and it’ll surely last

Against all your affronts, no matter how crass

They are, so stop wasting your time.

I know who I am and just where I’ve been,

And though I often wish to return to way back when

Simply ‘cause I knew how life was simpler back then,

Such remains but a fantasy of mine,

For I’m an adult, and I can plainly see

The horrors I must accept ‘bout this harsh reality

And how I can’t return things back to how they used to be,

For time just doesn’t work that way.

I suppose I can wait until my afterlife

Once my soul has left my body and has drifted t’wards the light,

Where hopefully I can be purged of all my pain and strife

And be reborn another day.

That fate’s not a given, though, sad as it is to say,

And I can’t afford to wait ‘til then, so let me live today

And do what I can to make this world better in some way

And to establish where I belong here on Earth.

I’ve got too much to offer, after all, to be denied,

And when it comes to my dreams, I won’t run and hide

From whatever obstacles I face, for Fortune’s on my side,

Always telling me exactly what I’m worth.

I know there’s a niche out there for me to fill

And if I can do just that, you know I will

At least make the effort to, and boy, what a thrill

It’d be once I finally do,

For when that happens, I’ll at long last feel complete,

And oh, how my victory will taste so sweet—

Sweet enough to wash out the bitterness of defeat,

And what shall I be hearing from you?

Most likely silence, if not an apology,

For not seeing any merit at all in me.

Fine by me, though, if that’s how it’s got to be,

And good riddance, then, you petty, pathetic clown!

I’ve better things to do in my life, after all,

And you know all too well I’ll happily heed the call,

And it’ll take more than what you’ve got to make me fall,

So don’t even think of trying to bring me down.


This concludes this week’s “Poem of the Week.” I sincerely hope you all have gained something from the message given here, and hey, for those of you who’d like to drum up a little conversation about this poem or about whatever you do when people tell you that you “can’t” accomplish your dreams, please don’t hesitate to leave a little comment below. Otherwise, thank you for once again stopping by my humble little blog here, and keep in mind that subscriptions to this website are always welcome, even if you yourself don’t have a blog here at WordPress.com. Just check out the sidebar and hit the big steel gray button that says “Follow.” Also, as always, please check out my author page at Smashwords.com for current and future releases, and follow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber. Until next time, then, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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