Poem of the Week: Scattered Thoughts of a Hopeless Romantic…or Not

Scattered Thoughts of a Hopeless Romantic…or Not

August 25, 2012


“Roses are red, violets are blue”:

Just a cliché way of saying “I love you.”

Truth be told, though, I wish I could say

Just that, except in my own special way.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance

To say any such thing and start a romance

With any kind of woman, and even today,

I regret not finding she to whom I could say

Such a brief message of endearment and truth

During when it mattered most—namely, my youth.

Would the relationship have lasted? I doubt,

But it’s too late now to figure that out,

Lest time travel becomes a possibility

Will that ever happen, though? We’ll just wait and see.

Until then, however, all I can do

Is dream of what I only wish could’ve been true

Or hope beyond hope that there is such a thing

As a second life waiting in the wings

For people like me who with starry eyes dream

Of starting over so much it makes them scream.

Then again, let’s eschew self-pity for a sec

And look to the future to see what happens next

As far as love goes, for hopefully

It’s just around the corner waiting for me.

Maybe Ms. Right isn’t too far off

In my future, and before you all scoff,

There’s a belief out there about humanity

That says there’s a partner for everyone, you see.

People are said to come in pairs, just like shoes—

One for the other to ease the other’s blues,

To take care of the other through sickness and health,

Through good times and bad times, poverty and wealth,

And if that theory’s true, then I just might have a chance

At forging myself a beautiful romance,

Even in my middle-age, if that’s what it takes.

However, if it happens that I never get that break

And the “humans and shoes” theory is proven a myth,

Then I’ll just have to man up and deal with it—

Deal with this unfortunate roll of the dice,

For even though a love affair would be nice,

Sadly, some things are just not meant to be,

And that includes amorous bonds, obviously.

I’d really hate, too, to feel sorry for myself,

‘Cause really, I’ve myself to blame and no one else

When it comes to forming an emotional bond

With she who by now is out of my reach and beyond.

I should’ve at least taken that very first step

And made my intentions known and not have kept

The secret to myself. Then I might’ve perchance

Put my foot in the door and joined in the dance,

Thus earning the right to experience what other men

My age and younger have…but that’s all what could’ve been,

And though I can carry on moping as I sit

In this very chair, why deal with that one bit

When the past is in the past where it will stay

And I’ve a future to look forward to today—

A future that’s brighter than the present is currently

And possibly brighter than my past could ever be?

Then again, I’m just making things more complicated

Than they have to be, and I’m starting to hate it,

So let me just breathe deep and purge this stress

Before my brain explodes in a bloody gray mess.

After all, if I at last know true love, great!

For now, though, I no longer want to speculate.

If it happens, it happens. If not, oh well,

But damn all this pining straight to Hell!

I’ve learned my lesson, albeit the hard way,

And hopefully other men like me won’t see the day

When they, too, are left yearning for what might have been

And miss out on reaching their moment of zen

With someone to love for all eternity,

So to all you men out there, listen to me:

Should you meet Ms. Right, never let her go away,

If you wish to attain happiness one day.

Treat her with all the compassion and respect

You have at your command, and you just might yet

Earn for yourself that after which I still pine,

And you’ll happily avoid this current fate of mine

That I’ve brought upon myself, so fellas, please,

Learn from my mistakes if you wish to be at ease.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to lay my head,

But as a final word, gang, don’t forget what I’ve said:

Roses may be red, violets may be blue,

And I might be lovesick, but you needn’t be, too.

Follow your heart and your backbone as well,

And here’s hoping that your romantic life turns out swell.


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Twitter: @DustinMWeber


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