Poem of the Week: Same Old Song

Same Old Song

September 24, 2012


It’s all the same old scene,

And I think you know what I mean,

When you turn on your radio and hear

Songs that make you want to scream:

The same old bring beat

That fails to make you move your feet,

Coupled with the same old cliché lyrics

That are painfully far from discreet.

Add to that the same old tired tune

To which the lead singer croons

With an oftentimes digitally remastered voice,

But hey—his looks still make girls swoon.

The guys aren’t the only ones, though,

For the girls put on the same show

And with little variety in their songs, too,

Bringing ‘bout even more woe

From the disgruntled listening public,

Who have grown so tired and sick

Of the same old song and wish for something

New to come along and do the trick

And once again make radio fun

And enjoyable for everyone,

So what’s so wrong with passing the torch to all

The other acts under the sun?

All these hungry young women and men

Who’ve been ignored time and again

In spite of having voices so beautiful

They make listeners cry out, “Amen!”

Too stalwart to be shut down,

These hopefuls have stuck around

In hopes that the industry will one day showcase

their palatable passion for sound.

Not only, though, do they have voice,

These talented girls and boys,

But their lyrics speak true no matter the message

Too glorious to be called mere noise.

Better yet is how unique

Each artist’s voice is at its peak,

Each with its own tone, volume, versatility—

All of which critics highly speak.

Let’s not forget instrumentals, either,

Which further make listeners believers

As they accompany these singers’ words with perfection

To further soothe or excite their receivers.

These sounds, too, are distinct and exquisite,

Emphasizing the singer’s words as seen fit,

And even in the absence of lyrics, their composition

And combined sound delight all who hear it.

So, yes, folks, there is talent out there,

But yet, only a few people truly care

About these lesser discovered acts,

Acting as though they’re not anywhere.

Everyone else is so preoccupied

With the same old, dull, cut and dry

Music we all keep complaining about,

And they’ll probably do so ‘til they die.

It’s quite a sad state, I must say,

And while our fellow music fans pray

For the business to change its tune, the same old song

Will just keep on playing away.

We’ve but one hope to keep us aloft,

And though it might make skeptics scoff,

There’s one simple solution we can all subscribe to,

And that’s to turn our radios off

And in the meantime, continue to play

The music that makes our day,

These lesser-named artists I’ve just talked about,

For their songs will surely show us the way,

And maybe if we’re lucky enough,

When the industry’s no longer up to snuff,

They’ll turn their attention to these very same acts

And realize it isn’t all that tough

To produce something that the masses like

To the point where their stations’ ratings spike

With the interest they’ll garner from many a new

And returning listener down the pike.

Call it a pipedream if you must,

But I refuse to sit around and rust

Any longer than I already have, so for now on

For me, it’s real music or bust!


My author page at Smashwords.com

Twitter: @DustinMWeber


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