Bonus Poem of the Week: Determination of One

Hey, readers!

In order to commemorate my most recent “Poem of the Week,” So Hard for So Long—which, as of September 25, has gained the most likes of any post I’ve made on this blog thus far from my fellow WordPress bloggers—I’d like to offer you folks up a little something special as a means of thanking you for supporting my work here. Without any further ado, then, I introduce to you my latest poem—a little Shakespearean sonnet that I hope teaches young people in particular that they do indeed mean something in this world, so long as they have the guts and the will to apply their skills and talents towards achieving their dreams. After all, success doesn’t come to the idle, and one should never fear one’s own greatness, potential or otherwise.


Determination of One

September 27, 2012


I’m nameless and faceless, lost in the crowd,

Just another unit ‘mongst the masses.

I know I’m someone, for crying out loud,

And not just some disgusting and classless

Freak of nature that others surely see

Whenever I’m in their harsh line of sight.

I’ve got my individuality,

And quite frankly, I’m not afraid to fight

To prove that I belong somehow, somewhere,

To prove that I matter, in the long run.

I just need to find out how to get there

So that I cans still live life while I’m young

And not let my glory days pass me by

And wallow in self-pity ‘til I die.


There you go, folks, words of wisdom and encouragement for everyone who still has a goal or a dream they’d like to accomplish in life—a special thank you to all who have been reading and responding to my work and will continue to do so in the future. Needless to say, I very much appreciate each and every one of you who have been following me on this blog and hereby encourage those of you who have yet to subscribe to please do so. Also, please check out my author page at for current and future releases, and follow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber. Until this coming Sunday, then, take care and happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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