Poem of the Week: So Hard for So Long

Hey, readers!

As promised for this week, I’m back with a more recent composition of mine that I’d like to share with you all—a little haiku chain similar to Folks Who Won’t Let Go and WTH is Wrong with This Fanfic? That I’ve simply entitle So Hard for So Long. Without further ado, then, enjoy!


So Hard for So Long
September 15, 2012

So hard for so long,
And I feel things already
Are slipping away.
I feel like I have
Suddenly fallen into
A rut and need to
Take a step back ‘fore
I find myself burning out
On this one thing I’ve
Been preoccupied
With this entire time. What
To do during this
Short break, however?
Really now, what can I do
To keep myself on
Top of things and keep
Myself from falling behind
In my ultimate
Objective to take
My chose field by storm? Hmm…
Well, if nothing else,
I can always start
A new project any time
I want to, so why
Don’t I do just that?
Yeah, looks like I might have to…
But wait! Something’s just
Occurred to me. Don’t
I have a deadline to meet
With yet another
Project I’d started
Not too long ago? After
All, I did make a
Promise to get the
Doggone thing done by “Date X,”
And yet I’ve been so
Lazy in terms of
Keeping up with that, so I
Might as well finish
That which I’d started,
Right? Right…except for one small
Thing: I’ve already
Spent all morning on
It, and if I were to spend
Another minute
On the thing, my brain
Would melt out of my head like
That butter that’s poured
On popcorn at film
Theaters, so I guess I’d
Better find something
Else to do to bide
My time until the next time
I feel ambitious
To devote the time
To that project. Let me see…
Oh! I know. Why don’t
I read a book for
Once and perchance switch my brain
To “absorption mode”
In hopes of getting
A new idea or two
For my next project?
Yeah, there’s a notion,
Except for one small problem:
I’ve already read
Every single
Book in my library from
Cover to cover,
And I honestly
See no point in reading a
Single one of them
All over again
Any time soon. The very
Idea’s nothing
But redundant in
The grand scheme of things, so I
Guess that plan’s not an
Option for me at
This point…but wait! I’ve got this
One DVD in
My collection of
Old movies that I’ve yet to
Watch. Who knows? Maybe
It will give me an
Idea or two to work
With in my next work.
Yeah, gee…what a plan!
Why didn’t I think of that
Before? Eh…who cares?
Let me just pull the
Thing out and…hang on…It’s gone.
Oh, wait—that’s right…damn!
I forgot that I’d
Lent said movie to a friend
To watch over the
Weekend, so I won’t
Have it back until Monday
Morning. What a drag.
Oh, well…it’s getting
Late anyway, and guess what:
I’m actually
Getting tired, so
It’s lights out for me for now.
Hopefully, though, I’ll
Be more on top of
Things tomorrow morning, and
I’ll get right to work
With whatever plan
I commit to that day, be
It finishing my
Current project or
Starting up a brand new one.
Either way, my mind
Will be much sharper
Than it is right now. With that
In mind, then, sorry,
Folks, but trust me when
I say that tomorrow will
Be a brand new day
Not only for you,
But for me as well. Until
Then…happy reading!


Yeah…I figured it was time to give it a rest with rhyme schemes this time around and offer you folks a little something that’s both familiar and fresh as far as this blog goes. Therefore, I hope you liked this week’s “Poem of the Week” and will tune in next week, where I hope to provide you with yet another more recent composition. Until then, thank you all once again for stopping by and checking my stuff out, and as always, please visit my author page at Smashwords.com for current and future ebook releases and follow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber. Other than that, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber


2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week: So Hard for So Long

  1. Hi! I’ve been visiting your blog for quite some time now, and I’ve got to say that the work you publish here is fantastic. This poem is no exception to the rule, and I love how you’ve strayed from the typcial use of a rhyme scheme to create something truly inspiring and impressive. Keep up the good work, as I look forward to reading more poetry like this.

    Everyone else, please respond if you agree! 😀

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