Poem of the Week: Visions of Love

Welcome back, readers!

Well, folks, here it is…the final “Poem of the Week” for the summer of 2012. This time around, I’ve a classic love poem to share with you all…a poem about love that has been lost and never reclaimed and the consequences that the narrator now endures on account of not having taken a chance on building a relationship with the woman whom he is addressing. Words of a hopeless romantic? Perhaps, but hopefully, words that one can relate to all the same, especially when it comes to high school or even childhood sweethearts with whom one has yet to reunite after years upon years. At any rate, please enjoy.


Visions of Love

August 23, 2012


Have you ever had that moment when you just can’t find the words

To something you simply must say, whether it need be read or heard?

Have you ever had that thought that you absolutely have to share,

Yet no mater how you try to say it, you just can’t get anywhere?

I certainly have, I can tell you that much, for as long as I can recall,

I’ve had something on my mind, yet my brain’s been on permanent stall—

At least until now, but only because the inspiration’s now fresh,

So let me share with you this message of mine the one way I know best.

For so many years now, sweetheart, I’ve been thinking ‘bout you left and right.

Thoughts of you haunt me during the day, and I so often dream of you at night.

Both memories of what we once had and visions of what should’ve been

Flash before my eyes like nothing else in my life I’ve ever seen,

And no matter what I do to shut them out—no matter what I say or do—

As Duran Duran once said, “Still I can’t escape the ghost of you.”

What’s worse is just how long it’s been since you and I were last together

And how long I’ve spent all by myself enduring all kinds of weather

Without you to hold in my arms at night, your hand to hold during the day,

Your doting gaze to meet my own and let me know things’ll be okay,

Your tender caress across my face, your kiss so moist and soft,

Your loving words to bestow me with the courage to stay aloft.

Needless to say, many’s been the day when I’ve wished you were here,

Yet for so long, you’ve been away, and now how I miss you, my dear.

If only I’d the backbone to say so before you and I went our separate ways,

Then only Heaven knows where we both would be unto this very day.

Hopefully, we’d be married—you and me, husband and wife,

Living happily ever after throughout the rest of our conjoined life.

Maybe things wouldn’t be quite so romantic. In fact, things just might be worse,

And all we’d do to patch things up would fail to alleviate the curse—

A curse that’d have been bestowed upon us to forever keep us apart,

Destined to keep you away from me and to carve a hole in my heart.

Either way, I’d have taken the chance in hopes of making you mine

And seeing to it that our union would last until the end of time.

Hopefully, then, in the next life—that is, of course, if you believe in such stuff—

You and I will cross and share paths, which hopefully shan’t be too rough.

Until that time comes, though, I’m afraid all I can do is dream

And hope that such a reality isn’t as farfetched as it seems.

After all, I refuse to refute the fact that I love you so,

And had I only been brave and wise enough in the past, I’d have never let you go.


And that should conclude this season’s worth of “Poems of the Week.” Hopefully, my next post will be something a little different from poetry—a short story, perhaps, or maybe a continuation of one of my “In Relation to my Work” segments or even an announcement regarding my latest novel, UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment. Whatever the case, I realize that I’m in serious need of changing things up once again, and I can assure you all that one way or another, my next post will indeed do just that. Until then, however, please carry on checking out my author page at Smashwords.com and following me on Twitter @DustinMWeber, and as always, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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