Bonus Poem of the Week: Sometimes

Welcome back, readers!

Well, unfortunately,’s July Summer/Winter Sale ends today, but hopefully come the Holidays, Smashwords will have another sale for anyone who is interested in checking out the work of today’s independent authors. In the meantime, though, I know of just the way to conclude the month of July on this blog, and that is with a bonus “Poem of the Week” to satiate everyone’s appetite for future posts here at until I finally finish editing UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment. Therefore, for a little change of pace from my regular style of poetry…here’s Sometimes. Enjoy!



June 21, 2012


Sometimes…I just don’t feel like myself.

I just don’t feel like being one of the crowd.

I just don’t feel like doing what I know I should be doing.


Sometimes…I feel like being left alone

I feel like shutting out the world.

I feel like tuning out everyone and everything I can’t stand.


Sometimes…People really get on my nerves.

People really make me question what the world has come to.

People really make me question the existence of “common sense.”


Sometimes…I just don’t understand people.

I just don’t know why they say or do what they say or do.

I just don’t know why they don’t realize the wickedness or foolishness of their ways.


Sometimes…I wonder why I myself was ever like them.

I wonder why I was never as good at thinking for myself as I should’ve been.

I wonder how I ever could have allowed myself to think and act the way they do.


Sometimes…I can’t help but remember my past.

I can’t help but remember all the people I’ve hurt and all the people who’ve hurt me.

I can’t help but remember all the things I’ve done and said that have held me back from becoming who I was meant to be.


Sometimes…I can’t help but think how different things would’ve been for me.

I can’t help but wonder where I’d have been if I’d just had a better head on my shoulders.

I can’t help but drone on about how better off I’d be if I didn’t allow myself to become so inferior to what I was supposed to be.


Sometimes…I wish things had just been a little bit easier for me.

I wish I could remember the good more than far more than I do the bad.

I even wish I could forget my past altogether.


Sometimes…I wish I could go back in time.

I wish I could at least look back and understand why certain things happened to me.

I wish I could understand what I did wrong so that I can at the very least know what not to do ever again.


Sometimes…I wish I could make it all better.

I wish I could right the wrongs of my past.

I wish I could change what went on back then in hope that such changes would make the way things are now less of a waking nightmare.


Sometimes…I wish I understood myself more.

I wish I understood why I can’t let go of that which hurts me.

I wish I could try to move on from my past so that I can focus on the present and future.


Sometimes, folks…sometimes…


Not my usual fare, I know, but I still hope it shows just how diverse I try to be with my poetry. Keep your fingers crossed for this coming Sunday, though, if any of you are looking for something a little more light-hearted or uplifting for my “Poem of the Week” segment. Otherwise, thank you for reading, and as always, folow me on Twitter @DustinMWeber and check out my author page at to see what I have available–particularly when it comes to my most recent work, UWWX, which I still plan on releasing soon. Thank you all, and as always, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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