Poem of the Week: Gimme Some Noise!

Welcome back, readers!

For this week’s “Poem of the Week,” I’ve selected something that I’ve written recently about the kind of thing that helps me focus on my writing and what it means to me today. Without further ado, then, enjoy!


Gimme Some Noise!

July 27, 2012


So many bad memories floating in my head,

So many thoughts and feelings of uncertainty and dread,

This silence makes me feel as though I’m already dead.

You know what, then? It’s time for some noise!

Time for some Scorpions, White Lion, or Styx.

Maybe some Dragonforce with their insane guitar tricks.

Heck, even some Raized in Black, Endurance Mix—

I’ve got to hear something from the boys.

Not even just them, either. Let me hear the girls.

Why not give Lita Ford or Pat Benatar a whirl—

Some Doro, too, before my sickness makes me hurl

All this bile I’ve built up for far too long?

I need the soothing sounds of rock ‘n’ roll in my ears

To help me cope with all these recurring fears

I’m continuing to feel even after all these years,

For only music like this helps me carry on—

Music that takes me back to a much better place,

Where the drama of the real world hadn’t gotten in my face

And killed my hopes and dreams, making me a disgrace

To everyone who ever had faith in me.

Music like this gives me the courage I need

To get things done, to help me carry out my deeds

In a world so full of tackiness, insanity, and greed

Amongst so much else I can’t stand to see.

Music likes this takes me back to a place and time

Where the world made sense to this now blackened heart of mine,

Where time was still on my side, and life was still sublime—

Or at least less nightmarish than it now is.

With tunes like these in my head, focusing isn’t hard

On the tasks I need to get done in my house or my yard—

Especially at my computer, where I’m expected to be a bard

In this “Cyber Age” of the literary biz.

Therein lies the solution for my creativity

In this messed-up incarnation of the 21st century,

So do me a favor and put on some tunes for me

That’ll put me in the right frame of mind

To help me write the stories that people expect to read

That’ll pique their curiosity and give them ideas to feed

Their own imaginations and make them plant the seed

For their own written legacies to leave behind.


And there you have it, folks: short, sweet, to the point, and illustrative about that which helps me get through the day as a writer. At any rate, thank you all once again for stopping by my blog, and yes, Smashwords.com’s July Summer/Winter Sale is still going on, so in case you’ve yet to buy any of my three books for 25% off the regular
cover price, you still have a chance if you click here to visit my Smashwords.com author page. Hurry, though, for counting today, there are only three days left, and when Tuesday finally comes to a close, that’s it–over and done with. Otherwise, thanks again for catching up with me, and please stay tuned for when I release UWWX: The Underground Women’s Wrestling Xperiment in the not-too-distant future. Until then, as always, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber

Twitter: @DustinMWeber


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