Poem of the Week: The Spirit of Poetry

Welcome back, readers!

I apologize for this past week not being all that busy around here, but hopefully, this week’ll be different, so let’s not waste any more time and start things off right with this week’s “Poem of the Week.”


The Spirit of Poetry

July 21, 2012


Heart of a lion, spirit of a dragon, knowing you’re destined to win.

Stoutness of a badger, stubbornness of a mule, never knowing when to give in.

Toiling at your work like a soldier ant, not stopping ‘til you know you’re done,

Then your words ride the winds on the wings of an eagle, soaring high up to the sun—

The sun that scorches the sands of the Sahara, where snakes and scorpions play,

Slithering and skittering among the dunes, survivalists in their own way,

Tenacious like the wild boar and cunning like the average fox—

Very much like you with your versatility, never thinking just inside the box,

Running wild and free like a stallion on the plains, no fences corralling you in,

Peacock-proud, standing out from the crowd, yet feeling comfortable amongst your kin

Like a cunning, noble wolf, one with the pack, contributing to its survival,

Being a credit to your craft ‘til, like the great phoenix, it blazes back in revival,

Shining brilliantly for all to see in every corner of the earth,

Beaming brightly with hope and wisdom for all creatures, hatched and live of birth.

Such is the spirit of poetry, no matter the nature of the beast:

A celebration of life, love, and liberty, to say the very least.


Well, there it is, folks: short, sweet, to the point, and hopefully the thing we all need to start off this week right. I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s composition, and I promise you that this week will be a bit more fruitful here than last week was in terms of reading material. That being said, thank you all once again for stopping by my blog, and yes, Smashwords.com’s July Summer/Winter Sale is still going on, so in case you’ve yet to buy any of my three books for 25% off the regular cover price, you still have a chance if you click here to visit my Smashwords.com author page. Hurry, though, for the sale ends July 31st. Otherwise, thanks again for catching up with me, and as always, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber

Twitter: @DustinMWeber


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