Poem of the Week: Frozen Heart

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In my blog entry from July 12, I promised you all that I would be introducing unto you a “blast from the past” as far as today’s “Poem of the Week” went, and needless to say, here I am to keep my promise, as this particular piece dates back to January 19, 1998—back when I was still in high school, believe it or not. Quite frankly, I wish I’d come across this baby back when I was compiling my poems for The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23), but hey, who knows? Maybe if I were to compose enough poems by Christmas, I could start up a second anthology. For right now, though, here’s Frozen Heart. Enjoy!


Frozen Heart

January 19, 1998


Hate and Jealousy bind me to my fate, tear up my very soul.

Solitude has left me nothing but this wretched hole

That carves a spherical surface within my icy blackened heart.

Tell me, Dear Lord up above. Tell me where to start

In finding the cure for myself and this pain I feel inside.

Tell me where to find the solution to aid my dying pride.

Tell me what kind of curative this bleak world has in store.

Tell me how to heal myself to help me win this war.

Ah, but of course! I should have known all along this charade.

Only the caring of somebody else can come along to my aid.

However, I know only one who is capable of such a task—

A woman. Yes, a female soul. Why ever do you ask?

I need a woman whose elegance mirrors her intelligence

Whose personality is appealing, empty of arrogance.

I need a woman with a heart of purest solid gold

Who can readily warm my own frozen heart, so stricken with pure cold.

I still have yet to find that special someone I’ve been searching for,

For only she can send my bitterness right out the door.

I may have found a candidate as of now, that may be true,

But is that candidate my true savior? Tell me…Can it be you?


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Dustin M. Weber

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