Poem of the Week: What Will It Be Today?

Welcome back, readers!

Hopefully, everyone was able to receive the message from yesterday about my books being on sale at Smashwords.com until July 31 and has picked up a copy of any of my three books for 25% off using the coupon code SSW25. If not, now is not too late yet, so head on over to my author page at Smashwords.com…

Dustin M. Weber’s Smashwords.com Author Page

…and feel free to buy your copy of Kyle Summers, Booker, The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poetry from my Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23), or Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! right away. Then, once you have, feel free to come on back and read today’s “Poem of the Week.” This time around, I’ve chosen something that fits the spirit of the sale that’s going on at Smashwords.com—something that both celebrates my love for the written word and expresses my concerns as a more recently established writer in today’s literary market. Without further ado, then, ladies and gentlemen…What Will It Be Today? Enjoy!


What Will It Be Today?

June 21, 2012


Okay, Mr. Blank Slate, what will it be today—

Sci-fi, perchance, horror, or perhaps fantasy?

Or maybe even some chick lit will make your day.

Which genre will I support this time? Well, we’ll see.

Right now, my mind’s a bit scrambled, but let me think,

And maybe I’ll compose the world’s next masterpiece

Or at least come up with something that doesn’t stink.

Sadly, I might have to find myself the right niche,

What with how the market has changed in recent years

And how folks’ tastes have fluctuated over time,

And if I target the “wrong” audience, I fear

That the mainstream may never hear these words of mine.

Such is not the fate any author wants to face,

For to be silenced is the worst form of disgrace.


Well, that should do it for today. In the meantime, as always, thanks for dropping in to read my work, and again, feel free to stop by Smashwords.com to check out their July Summer/Winter Sale as mentioned yesterday and at the beginning of this post to pick up a copy of any of my three books for 25% off the regular cover price. Hurry, though; as I’ve said before, the sale ends July 31. In the meantime, however, thank you all once again for showing your support, and please tune in later this week, for that is when I intend to post a continuation of “In Relation to My Work: How Video Games Spur My Creativity.” Until then, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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