Now available at Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage!

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! by Dustin M. Weber:
Now available at

Great news, readers!

After waiting almost a month for some glitch to be discovered and corrected, I am proud to announce that my second official novel, Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage!, is finally available through Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Book store. Please click on the link below to see for yourself.

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage finally available at

Much thanks to Raylene of for expediting the info for this book to Barnes and Noble so that they could finally include it on their site. Unfortunately, the usual description for it has yet to be included, so just for the sake of completion, here it is for those of you readers out there who are still curious to know what this novel is all about:


A former literary agent finds out firsthand the challenges that writers face in producing the ideal manuscript for potential publication while simultaneously coping with his new job.

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! is an uplifting and occasionally humorous work of contemporary fiction that chronicles one man’s hope, perseverance, and achievement against all odds. In summary, this book is the story of Jeff Babbage, a young literary agent who gets fired from the agency where he has had a three-year-long career and ends up working at the main office of a fashion concern as the proofreader of the company’s seasonal catalog. From this experience, he garners the inspiration to write a novel of his own and thus heads down a path fraught with the countless challenges of becoming an author, from struggles in crafting the ideal story for his intended audience to the difficulties in balancing his newly acquired job and the friendships he forges with his coworkers with his literary venture. Will he ever learn to get along with his prickly officemate, the catalog’s fastidious editor? How will he fair in his budding relationship with the young, fiercely devoted fashion photographer he meets during the company carpool? To what degree will his proofreading duties and writer’s block, among other obstacles, prevent him from developing the most captivating novel he could ever hope to create? Such are the questions that cross the reader’s mind as he/she reads the book and discovers whether or not Jeff does indeed have the “best of luck.”


Just though I’d share that quick little tidbit for you. Heaven knows I’m happy about this turn of events. Regardless, thanks for keeping up with me once again, and as always, keep your eyes glued on my author page at for the latest developments in my literary career. Also, stay tuned for my latest “Poem of the Week” this coming Sunday, and I hope to soon come up with a new segment on this blog concerning writing that will surely break up this blog’s monotony. Until then, happy reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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