Bonus Poem of the Week: Folks Who Won’t Let Go

Welcome back, readers!

I’ve got a quick question for you all: Are you sick and tired of all these people on the Internet who basically shoot their mouths off for the sake of shooting their mouths off? It doesn’t matter, either, if these people happen to be members of some forum you’re a member of or random schmucks whose comments you chance to read in response to some story you’ve come across on a news site like or even the authors themselves of such news stories, regardless of the host site, who are so flagrantly and disgustingly unobjective and unprofessional in their reports that it makes you not only question their integrity as journalists, but also weep for the sake of humanity as a whole even more than you already might. Heck, you can even include people who make poorly thought-out rant videos on YouTube on this list of immature, jaw-flapping troublemakers who wouldn’t know the meaning of the phrase “truth and error” if the very personification of the definition walked up to them one day and punk-slapped them across their dull, witless faces. Let me make it clear, too, that I’m not talking about Internet trolls necessarily, but rather people who actually believe in the faulty, biased, illogical, and oftentimes hateful things they post on the World Wide Web. Now, don’t get me wrong; anyone who posts anything on the ‘Net clearly has something on his or her mind that he or she feels the need to share with the rest of the world. I sure know I do, else I myself wouldn’t have this blog upon which to post my poetry or to promote my books to anyone who chances to come across it. The problem is, however, that some people, no matter how intelligent or well-informed they actually elsewhere in life, can and frequently enough do present themselves as being completely and utterly clueless when it comes to certain aspects of this crazy world we live in and, in all due respect, shouldn’t. It’s especially embarrassing, at least in my eyes, when such people claim to be the beacons of authority on certain issues and insult or degrade anyone who doesn’t have the knowledge that they themselves claim to have—especially when said other people are actually smarter and wiser in regards to such issues than these self-appointed “experts” actually are. Worse yet are the maniacs who openly wish severe physical harm or even death upon people just because they like a certain thing or think a certain way that they themselves don’t. These individuals in particular, in my opinion, deserve to have their forum accounts deleted (if such accounts are relevant in regards to the venue they choose to vent their grievances through) and have the authorities track them down and lock them away in some sort of sanitarium until they are finally ready to behave like the sane, civilized human beings they’re supposed to be and stop making humankind look all the more despicable and depraved as a whole on account of their own outrageous behavior.

Such is all the more reason why I particularly enjoy listening to and/or watching the more respected and respectable ranters and commentators on YouTube when they rip apart the defective “reasoning” that certain other people in society have in regards to any given topic, and it is in honor of people like them—people who celebrate and promote logic and rationality against all forms of stupidity and absurdity—that I hereby present to you all the following haiku chain. I truly hope this poem comes in handy as a means of coping with all the self-righteous twits you’ve run into on the Internet so far and possibly even those similarly unsavory individuals whom you actually have to deal with in person. After all, just because the ‘Net can be and often enough has become a breeding ground for human ignorance doesn’t mean it has to be that way all the time, and what better way to prove that than by “injecting [some] sanity,” as YouTube commentator and movie reviewer SavageBroadcast would put it than by offering you all this special bonus “Poem of the Week?” Please enjoy!


Folks Who Won’t Let Go
June 5, 2012

Folks who won’t let go
Of the past truly bug me.
Why can’t they shut up?
Why must they always
Take their insecurities
Out on other folks
Who have done nothing
To stir up their emotions
In the first place? Why
Don’t they ever just
Stop talking for once in their
Messed-up lives and lend
An ear to what the
Rest of the world has to say
‘Bout their condition
As well as that which
They keep obsessing over
Time and time again
Ad nauseam like
Broken record players that
Just beg to be fixed?
They are not helping
Themselves move forward from the
Events or things that
Have turned them into
Babbling, loud-mouthed sociopaths
Who don’t know a lick
Of what they’re saying
For all the world to hear and
Read. Trust me; they don’t.
If they did, they would
Actually be talking
Sensibly and with
Much conventional
Wisdom about the things that
Have gotten under
Their skin rather than
Constantly rambling nonsense
And bogus theories
Like the lunatics
That the masses rightfully
See them as—either
That, or they’d simply
Keep their mouths shut, period.
It’s just that simple.
After all, people
Who actually are wise
Rarely speak unless
Words truly beg to
Be spoken, and only then
Do such folks dare to
Share their opinions
With the populace, just like
The run-of-the-mill
Superhero leads
A regular civilian
Life until evil
Forces act upon
The balance between order
And chaos; only
Then do these heroes
Don their costumes and venture
Out into the world
To thwart the villains
Responsible for tilting
Justice’s scales. One
Problem, however:
These drama-weaving buffoons
Whom I’ve been ranting
About aren’t heroes.
They may think otherwise, but
When was the last time
Any of them dared
To monitor their thoughts and
Feelings on topics
That they only think
They understand? When was the
Last time any of
Them bothered to pay
Attention to whatever
Messages they’ve brought
Upon themselves to
Share with everyone by means
Of the World Wide Web?
Seriously, now,
When was the last time any
Of them chanced to think
‘Bout what he or she
Said ‘fore he or she said it?
Because as far as
I know, none of them
Speak or write with any faint
Semblance of logic
Or rationale—none
Of them whatsoever. Thus,
All the more reason
To question why they
Don’t just give up their struggle
Against the things they
Know they can’t control;
All the more reason to ask
Why they simply don’t
Throw in the towel,
Crawl back underneath their rocks,
And stay there for the
Rest of their wretched
Lives? After all, they offer
Nothing of value
To society
Aside from facepalm moments
And lulz, and yet it’s
To ignore their foolishness
For any longer
Than a few seconds.
Unfortunately, then, all
We can do to shut
Them down is to play
Superhero and call them
Out on their nonsense
Whenever they dare
To spew their careless, thoughtless
Words and destroy their
Ill-informed beliefs
Before their stupidity
Completely drowns out
Any semblance of
Sanity society
Can muster these days.
After all, the name
Of the game is balance, and
The only way we
Can win is if we
Can maintain it in the face
Of unrelenting,
Unforgiving, and
Nigh-infinite ignorance.
Sadly, that’s life, folks.


That’ll do for this session, but don’t worry, for I’ll be back for yet another official “Poem of the Week” this coming Sunday. Until then, as always, thank you for following me on this blog, and don’t hesitate to check out my author page at to check out my work. Otherwise, good day, keep your chins up, and once again, hooray for rationality in the face of human stupidity!

Dustin M. Weber


8 thoughts on “Bonus Poem of the Week: Folks Who Won’t Let Go

  1. Hello there. I seen your question on the forum and thought I would drop by your work to see what you are up to. I totally agree with you as regard to too many knit-wits posting crap on the web especially you-tube. The thing is they are allowed to do it and I suppose it’s the basis of free speech (unless aimed towards hatred) And we are allowed to reply back. I’ ve started a blog myself a few weeks ago and don’t really visit you-tube too much. I as well feel not too many come by my work but I don’t use facebook/twitter and I suppose this doesn’t help. I don’t mind as I just blog cause I like it. If anyone else does it’s a bonus. As for your poem I think it is the longest in the world! and to be honest, because honest criticism is really what we want. It may be a little off putting for readers because you just don’t know when it ends. Though as a writer I have to respect the time you put into what you do. Maybe you could even visit my blog and tell me why I rarely get comments/followers. It’s always good to get honest input. Count me as a follower and I,ll check you out when I tune in. Best of luck.

    • Wow! This has got to be the most specific response I’ve received regarding any of my blog entries. It’s quite nice and refreshing to read, too. Thank you!

      As for the whole discussion of free speech…yeah, I’m inclined to agree with you there. Personally, I have nothing against people freely speaking their mind about [Insert topic of choice here.], provided that said people are mature, rational, and knowledgeable (or at least insightful) about what they have to say. Unfortunately, such is not always the case, and in order to find the people worth reading from or listening to on any website, we’re forced to swim through a sea of imbeciles. I’m not even talking solely about YouTube, either, as I’ve (surprisingly enough) found a good number of people whose videos I’ve come to enjoy on that site for one reason or another, including those amongst the YT ranting and commentary communities. In fact, the impetus for me posting this haiku chain was some article I was foolish enough to stumble upon on about Barrack Obama’s race to defend his presidency in this upcoming election and all the Obama bashers who had chanced to flock and respond to said article, calling Obama the “worst president we’ve ever had” and saying that “the sooner we get him out of office, the better” and so on and so forth. Honestly, I don’t give two cents about whether someone–anyone–is a Democrat or a Republican, pro-Obama or pro-Romney, Liberal or Conservative…whatever. It’s the extremists from either end of the spectrum who get on my nerves with their hateful speech towards the opposing party and the politicians within it. Whatever is best for this country, I say, and let’s all leave it at that, as the whole “party versus party” aspect of politics has gotten far too bitter, spiteful, and tiresome for my tastes.

      As for your critique of my poem…hey, you were constructive, at least. That’s really all that matters to me. Not only that, but you brought up a fair point, too. Don’t worry, though; this upcoming “Poem of the Week” is a rather short one and shouldn’t take any longer than a full minute to read.

      I’ll remind myself to look for your blog in the meantime and check your stuff out, but if I don’t pop up any time soon, please don’t feel offended, as I’m so wrapped up in my own work and my personal life that I rarely (if ever) allow myself the chance to see what my fellow bloggers are up to. Also, please don’t hesitate to check out whatever eBooks I’ve already published via Smashwords and at least download a free sample of each to see what my work is all about. As I’ve mentioned time and time again on this blog, I already have three books out on,,,,, and, and I plan on releasing a fourth book later this year.

      Until next time, good luck to you as well in your writing/blogging venture, and thanks again for your feedback!


      • Fair play to you and I appreciate how much you must have took out of your time to reply back. That means a lot to me too, a fellow new blogger just finding my way. I hope you don’t think I was trying to say I couldn’t be bothered about reading a long piece of work, far from it, just the fact of having to constantly scroll. It just hurt my eyes a bit. By the way I’m Irish and we are playing in a major football match tonight and dead excited. Most of my writing is about it at the moment, won’t always be the case I love writing about lots of stuff. Don’t worry I know people are busy and don’t always have time to read/reply to all posts but keep up your passion. All the best and hope to got my message on the forum replying to your spam comment

  2. THANK YOU! You can’t believe how glad I am to know that there’s someone out there who believes in the same notion that I do. Great work, Dustin! Keep speaking the truth!

  3. Great poem you’ve posted here. I can relate to it all too well, too, seeing as I’ve known far too many people in my life who’ve had this kind of attitude towards this, that, and everything else in between. Coping with the fixations that these people all had was quite a string of waking nightmares, too, and I’ve lost several loved ones to such obsessions.

    Thanks for writing this piece and sharing it with us, then, Dustin. It really struck a chord with me.


    • I appreciate the kind feedback, Jean. I hope, too, that all your present and future relationships end far better than the ones you’ve just told me about. Feel free to come back for more work like this in the weeks to come.

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