Now Available at Kyle Summers, Booker by Dustin M. Weber

Kyle Summers, Booker by Dustin M. Weber:
Now available at!

Hey, readers!

Great news: Kyle Summers, Booker is now available on! See for yourself in the link below.

Kyle Summers, Booker at

Also, Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! is undergoing review and should be available for purchase within the next couple of days, assuming things remain on schedule. I’ll admit, though, that I myself am especially anxious to see that book do well, even if only in relation to the feedback I’ve been receiving from you folks on this blog and the promise it’s given me for my book’s success. No word on whether I’ll be as successful an author on Amazon as E.L. James has for the past two to three months, but hey—if nothing else, I can always dream.

At any rate, thanks again for catching up with me, and as always, keep your eyes open for future works of mine to pop up in the near future. Whether you stick with my blog here for such updates or head on over to my author page at, you’ll be sure to be keeping up with things. Until next time, then…


Dustin M. Weber


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