Poem of the Week: Writer’s Block

Happy Mother’s Day, readers!

Well, it’s that time of the week again—time to start the calendar week off right with another poem. This particular piece I’d like to dedicate to all writers, past, present, and future, and one need not look further than the title to see why I’m making such a dedication. Enjoy!


Writer’s Block

May 6, 2012

What to write, what to write…I just don’t know.
I’m searching for ideas, but can I find any? No!
One idea’s too tacky, another’s been done to death,
A third idea’s just plain dumb and a fourth is stupider yet.
Usually I’m terrific at pulling ideas out of thin air,
But there are time’s when my mind shuts down and the rest of my brain doesn’t care.
Sometimes I try too hard to find the inspiration to write,
And my gray matter end up frying out on me for the rest of the night.
Other times I swear that I’m not even trying at all
And instead get caught up in other things or simply let my mind stall.
It’s quite the nuisance, to be sure, and within it I find no delight,
But when I’ve no alternative, I’m not afraid to fight
And force the gears inside my head to grind out something great—
Even though enough of it I end up coming to hate.
Still, I try to wing it and make it work for me in some way,
And surprisingly enough, it often does, which really makes my day.
Unfortunately, it’s not every time, and I often enough
Have to go back to square one to come up with some new stuff—
New stuff that many a time has proven to be better than the stuff before,
And when it does, I sigh with relief as my troubles head out the door.
Then again, there are times when I find myself forced to walk away
And leave my project for a while to be completed another day.
Such are the methods I rely on when dealing with writer’s block,
Just like now, and look at what I’ve created. Wow! What a shock!


Well, that’ll do for this post. Thank you all once again for reading, and as always, feel free to click here to check out my author page at Smashwords.com to buy, rate, and review any of the books I have already published at the moment as well as to check out whatever else I might have available. Also, please tune in next week for another “Poem of the Week,” and hopefully between then and now, I’ll have more news to share with you concerning my work, whether said news concerns the books I’ve already published or those that I’m currently working on. Until then, have a bery safe and joyous Mother’s Day (especially all you mothers out there ;)), and keep on reading!


Dustin M. Weber


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