Now Available at Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! by Dustin M. Weber

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! by Dustin M. Weber:
Now available at

Hey, readers!

As promised, I’m here to talk about the third book I have published recently with—a little work of contemporary fiction that I’ve entitled Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! In a nutshell, it’s the story about a young literary agent named Jeff Babbage who ends up losing his job at the literary agency where he has worked for the past three years and the literary misadventure he embarks on following his dismissal. Basically what happens is this: Jeff ends up landing a job at the same fashion concern that his supportive best friend and roommate Tony works at. The job: proofreading the company’s seasonal fashion catalog, which has recently undergone a change in format to one that is similar to that of the J. Peterman Company’s fashion catalog as described in the hit 1990s sitcom Seinfeld in that it, too, now uses narrative descriptions of the accessories and clothing articles described within its pages. Interestingly enough, it is from one of these very item descriptions that Jeff suddenly finds himself inspired to write a mystery novel entitled The Adventures of Tess and Ted, and from this point on, he learns firsthand the challenges of being a writer. Not only must he learn how to piece together the ideal story for his intended audience, but he must also find a way to balance his newly acquired job with his literary venture as well as properly manage the relationships he forges along the way with his new coworkers.  Will he ever learn, for instance, to get along with his prickly officemate Leona, the catalog’s fastidious editor? How will he fair in his budding relationship with Charlotte, the young, fiercely devoted fashion photographer he meets during the company carpool? How much of a strain will his proofreading duties and, more importantly, his writing schedule place upon his relationships not only with his coworkers, but also with both his roommates? Such are the questions that cross the reader’s mind as he/she reads the book and discovers whether or not Jeff does indeed have the “best of luck.”

Best of Luck, Jeff Babbage! can currently be purchased here at for $4.99 and, at the time of this blog entry, is awaiting review by officials for the site’s Premium Catalog. Once the book has been cleared, expect a notification from me as to where else you can purchase this book. In the meantime, please check out my author page to see what else I’ve published, and thank you all once again for reading.

Dustin M. Weber


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