Now Available at The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23) by Dustin M. Weber

The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23) by Dustin M. Weber:
Now available at

Hey, readers!

As I’d stated in my first post in this blog, not only am I a novelist, but also a poet. In fact, I credit the fascination I’d had with poetry back in my younger days as being a key source towards my love of the written word as a whole today. As a means of celebrating such an inspiration, I’d chosen to compile some of my favorite poems into my first official poetry compilation, The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! Poems from My Younger Days (Ages 16 to 23). It is within this anthology that my audience will find seventy-three of my best works as a budding poet that deal with life, love, American culture, challenging adversity, and a whole slew of other topics that had chanced to pop into my head at the time I’d written them. Not only that, but you’ll also find a wide range of moods represented in my work from angst, anger, and sorrow to hope, elation, and quiet contemplation as well as a variety of different poetry styles, including haiku, Shakespearean sonnet, freestyle, and commonplace couplet-based poetry. I’ve even included a poem or two that utilizes an experimental style that I’d decided to incorporate specifically for that particular poem. In short, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this anthology, regardless of individual mood or taste.

I’ll leave it to you readers to discover which poems represent or reflect upon actual beliefs or experiences I’d had in my life and which are based on completely different matters, but just to give you all a sample of what this book has to offer on the whole, I’ve included below three poems from it that I hope represent the extent of what you’ll find in this anthology.


Empty Heart

I’ve scanned the world for a lover again and again,
Through the sleet, the hail, the sun and the rain.
Never finding one, for it’s all in vain.
I might as well state my case plain.
My quest for love is going down the drain.

I’ve sailed every ocean, crossed every land,
Yet the only thing in my frozen hands
Is my empty heart, so slit and cracked
From my trek around the earth and back,
So struck with grief, so shaded in black.

Some men have the luck, yet others complain.
I am of the latter breed, so struck with pain
From an empty heart of glass and air,
Always on my own, never in a pair
With a beloved woman, so kind, wise and fair.

Oh, why am I moping? I’m only losing time.
I’ll keep on searching until I lose my mind
As jeers and fears slip into my brain,
Calling, shouting, cursing in vain.
I’ll keep up with my search until I go insane.

I’ve Had Enough (My Retaliation to Post-“Y2K” American Counterculture)

You don’t practice what you preach.
You don’t believe in what you say.
You don’t stand by your principles.

You are a hypocrite.
You compromise yourself with your words.
You defy yourself through your actions.

You betray yourself via the constant fluctuation of your beliefs.
You are your own worst enemy.
You hide your spite behind a mask of ignorance.

You envelope your apathy within a cloak of self-pity.
You hide your pretentiousness amidst clouds of insecurity.
You are in denial of your own weaknesses.

I had allowed you to guile me with your fraudulence.
I had permitted you to deceive me into sympathizing with your empty cause.
I had blindly sold my soul to you to become another one of your countless casualties.

I had let you have your say.
I had forfeited my sense of direction.
I had surrendered my hope for the future.

I had sacrificed my faith in everyone, including myself.
I have finally decided to take myself back from you, however.
I have at last granted myself to see the truth.

I have at last decided to sever my ties to you.
I am at last turning to the light and walking away from you.
I have had enough.

Nothing’s Authentic (My First Official Poem in Haiku-Chain Format)

I’ve nothing to write.
I know of nothing that I
Can converse on now.
It’s all been said, friends.
All possible topics have
Been taken these days.
Politics, war, greed
Death, destruction, corruption—
All have been taken.
I can speak of love,
But so many other works
Discuss that issue.
Same has been done for
Life—how it used to be and
How it is today.
Friendships, rivalries,
Victory, liberty, bliss,
Torment, trauma, wrath—
All of the above
Have been discoursed on via
The art of writing.
Nothing’s authentic.
Nothing these days touches on
Anything novel.
I’ve seen it clearly.
It’d be naive of me to
Think otherwise now.
However, I still
Cross my fingers in regards
To the contrary.
Maybe there’s something
That I’ve overlooked—a piece
Based on something new—
Some notion that no
Other writer has ever
Touched upon before.
I hope I am wrong.
I hope I receive the chance
To read such a work.
If not, though, then I
Hope to prove myself wrong and
Write a piece as such.
Something authentic,
An original work…that’d
Be nice to hear of.
Hopefully, there will
Still be subjects left for us
Writers to research.
Until then, I guess
We all must carry on with
What we have right now
In an effort to
Satisfy the hunger of
Our audiences.
Nothing’s authentic—
Nothing to my mind, at least…
Though I hope I’m wrong.


Hopefully, the above three poems give you an idea of what to expect from The Sun Shan’t Set on Me! If so, and if you’re interested in discovering what else this anthology has in store, please don’t hesitate to click above on the book’s full title and purchase a copy for $4.99 from Also, be sure to check out my author page to see what other books I’ve written, and keep your eyes open on this blog for future poems of mine that I’ve written for your reading pleasure. Until then, thank you all for your time.

Dustin M. Weber