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Hey, everyone!

Welcome to the first official blog entry for AuthorDustinWeber.WordPress.com.

In a nutshell, I’m one of the newer authors to hit the self-publishing scene in 2012. For years, I have been writing novel after novel in hopes of achieving my dream career and becoming a published fiction writer. Not too long ago, I’d come across Smashwords.com, reviewed their requirements for publishing my work with them, decided to do just that, and eventually, here I am with my own blog on WordPress.com as a means of promoting my work to the world.

As a writer, my primary interest is being a novelist and coming up with the kind of story that would catch readers’ attention and appeal to their sense of imagination. I don’t strictly subscribe to one subgenre of fiction, however, and am willing to try my hand at writing any kind of story based on any kind of topic that might come to mind, be it an author’s struggle to become published or a fan of professional wrestling offering to help out a struggling wrestling promotion or even a twelve-year-old boy regaining his self-esteem by venturing through the realm of dreams. At the moment, I have about a dozen novels written in my personal archive that are either complete works or works in progress that I hope to showcase to the world, although I can’t promise anyone just yet as to whether or not all of these works will see the light of day. What I will do here, though, is give everyone a basic idea of which books I have out now, including their premise and inspiration behind each of them, and invite you all to check out my author’s page at Smashwords.com so that you can see these books for yourselves via their online store. Also, be sure to check up with me whenever you can for news about future publications of mine that I am currently working on.

In addition to being a novelist, I am also a long-time poet who occasionally ventures back to his roots every once in a while. In fact, don’t be too surprised if you come across one of my more recent poems on this blog in between whatever publication announcements and book descriptions I offer here. For right now, though, expect a brief description of each of my currently published works in the near future, starting with the very first novel I have released, Kyle Summers, Booker. Aside from that, welcome, and thank you for supporting my work.


Dustin M. Weber


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