Poem of the Week: A Little Respect Goes a Long Way

Hello, readers!

We’ve all had that certain someone in our lives who has treated us like absolute fecal matter on at lest one occasion out of his or her apparent need to put us down for one reason or another. Chances are, too, that we’ve never told that person just how their words have hurt us. Chances are, however, that if we had the mind to say something to these individuals, what we’d say would go along the lines of this week’s composition. Without further ado, then, here’s A Little Respect Goes a Long Way. Enjoy!


A Little Respect Goes a Long Way
August 29, 2014

Don’t ever treat me like I’m stupid.
Don’t ever treat me like I’m dumb
Just ‘cause I like to do things my way
Or may act, at times, a bit numb.

Don’t talk down to me like I’m some child
When I don’t get things right away.
You don’t know just how my brain works,
And you’d hate me if I treated you that way.

Don’t insult, patronize, or berate me
When I chance to do something wrong.
I’ve feelings, too, after all, and don’t dance
To anyone’s bitter, scolding song.

Don’t yell or scream at me, either,
When I don’t do things your way.
It doesn’t help me do what I’m doing;
Your words just ruin my day.

Even if I’m as dense as you think I am,
You still have no right
To treat me with such scorn and disdain
And cause a scene with me on sight.

Such behavior’s just rude, condescending,
And degrading to the highest degree,
And it doesn’t help me improve at all
In doing what I do for thee.

I guarantee that if I did the same
To you, you’d wish me dead
Or at the very least lash out at me
And smack me in the head.

Nobody deserves that kind of treatment,
Save for the worst of our kind—
Those who hurt others deliberately
For their own sick sense of mind;

Those who think they’re beyond the rules
To which civilized folks adhere;
Who lie, cheat, steal, maim, and kill
So they can grin ear to ear.

Am I than much of a lowlife to you?
Is that the reason you feel
The need to put me down every chance you get?
Is that your deal?

If that’s the case, then I’ve news for you:
I’m not that kind of man.
I’m just going through life, working hard
And doing the best I can

To make things better for at least myself
And all who care about me,
And I don’t appreciate your belittlement
Of all that I do, you see.

I’m sorry I don’t live up to your standards.
I’m sorry you hate my guts.
I’m sorry you think I’m nothing more
Than a sorry, pathetic putz,

But that still doesn’t give you the right
To treat me like I’m worthless
And badger, browbeat, and berate me ’til
I’m left completely mirthless—

Especially if you feel that doing so
Is the sole way to empower
Yourself and surpass whatever pain
You feel at a given hour.

I’m a human being, too, after all—
One who’s trying to overcome
My own imperfections every which way
I can to be a better someone.

How, then, do you think I deserve
To be treated like utter crap—
Especially when I’ve never dumped any
Ill will into your lap?

Honestly, learn to do unto others
As you would have done unto you
And stop treating people like me like we’re
Somehow so beneath you,

For after all has been said and done,
Who’s to say you’ll be seen
As being the better person when
You’re naught but rude and mean?

A little respect goes a long way,
Don’t you know, and I hope you
Come to learn that soon, even if by
The hard way ‘fore your life’s through.


Well, that should do it for today. I hope the poem above has resonated with some of you and will give you the strength you need to effectively to deal with anyone who dares to put you down in the fashion described within it. In the meantime, thank you all for stopping by, and please feel free to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk. Otherwise, as always, folks, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Poem of the Week: Revision

August 21, 2014

Revision, revision, revision—that’s what it’s all about.
You’ve got to make sure it’s all perfect before you send it out.
Tedious and exhaustive, the task will bore you to tears
And is guaranteed to last for days, weeks, months, even years.
Miscaps here, misspellings there—such is how first drafts are:
Grammatical errors everywhere, marring your work like scars
While punctuation is here and there, but rarely in the right place
And sentence fragments and run-ons alike eave a nasty trace.
Worse yet, that’s all just mechanical—a challenge enough on its own.
Tending to the story itself, though, just might cut you to the bone,
Should your narrative be riddled with logic gaps out the butt;
Senseless elements randomly thrown in, leading you into a rut;
Weak character development producing characters so bland
That they kill readers’ interests in whatever situation’s at hand;
And a plot so copy-and-paste that we’ve all read it before,
Especially without the twists and turns to keep it from being a bore.
That’s just scratching the surface, too, of the problems you’ll come across,
But even with all that in mind, you shan’t be at a loss—
Not if you keep your eyes open, of course, and keep your nose
To the grindstone and your wits about you at all times. Then, who knows?
An otherwise laborious necessity will be easier to take
Into stride, and before you know it, much progress you will make
In mending error after error that you chance to spot
‘Til everything’s been corrected, and soon enough, all you’ve got
Is to polish everything up, and voila! Your work is done,
And you’ve earned for yourself the privilege of sending it off,
Hoping with all your heart and soul your recipients won’t scoff
At your steely perseverance and all of your hard work,
For those who break their backs for the business deserve all the perks.
Of course, there’s no chance in Hell for you to realize this vision
If you choose to neglect or fail to remember the need for revision.


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Poem of the Week: Junior High Memories, Twenty Years Later

Hello, readers!

For this week’s “Poem of the Week,” I’ve decided to post yet another poem concerning school day memories and how painful they can be for some people. After all, while there are folks out there who’ve managed to enjoy the time they’ve spent in junior high and high school, the fact remains that adolescence doesn’t treat everyone kindly. In fact, even in today’s social climate, our growing collective awareness considering countless youth issues—from bullying and peer pressure to drugs and premarital sex to the spineless, clueless, and oftentimes outright soulless nature of certain teachers and other faculty members towards students—isn’t enough to prevent young people from going through growing pains. What’s worse is how such emotional distress often enough continues haunts those who endure it well after their younger years are over as painful adolescent memories that only enhance whatever anxiety, depression, and lack of self-worth such individuals experience throughout their lives.

Hopefully in this upcoming school year, teachers and other faculty members will do everything in their power to accommodate students and see to it that they don’t endure the same kind of anguish that other students have in years past. After all, today’s social order—American society in particular—needs all of the productive, well-grounded, high-functioning, and mentally and emotionally stable people it can get, and we’ve seen in the past just what can happen when school officials, parents, and anyone else in a position to help young people come to grips with the cold, harsh realities of the world fail to do just that. Without further ado, then, here’s Junior High Moments, Twenty Years Later.


Junior High Memories, Twenty Years Later
August 14, 2014

Adolescence sure works in messed-up ways.
It sure did for me when I was of age.
I’m glad I don’t have to relive those days.

When my childhood forever went away,
I should have prepared for a darker age.
Adolescence sure works in messed-up ways.

People treated me like crap day by day
Just ‘cause they and I weren’t on the same page.
I’m glad I don’t have to relive those days.

Plus, good grades didn’t always come my way,
Despite the smarts I still had at that age.
Adolescence sure works in messed-up ways.

Worse yet’s how I don’t get, even today,
Why then had to be such a painful age.
I’m glad I don’t have to relive those days.

Was some twisted conspiracy at play,
Keeping me from turning to that next page?
Adolescence sure works in messed-up ways.
I’m glad I don’t have to relive those days.


And there you have it folks—another poem dedicated to trials and tribulations of the average American teenager. Thank you all once again for stopping by to read what I have to say about this issue, and by all means, feel free to search this blog for other poems about topics similar to this one. Don’t be afraid, either, to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see what books I have available on the market at the moment, and in future posts, I hope to have some positive news to share concerning my latest project, The Kingdom of Somnia. In the meantime, however, here’s to a happy and successful school year for 2014-15, and until we meet again, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Poem of the Week: The Brain Drain Limerick Chain

The Brain Drain Limerick Chain
August 4, 2014

Have you ever felt you’re getting dumber
As though your brain was growing number,
Just rotting away
In your head day by day?
Ain’t such a sensation a bummer?

It’s like one day, you were smart,
The you suffer a massive brain fart
That hits you like no other—
So much, you can’t recover,
And such is only the start.

Next thing you know, things you once knew
Suddenly become foreign to you,
And your drained knowledge pool
Colors you as a fool
In everything you say and do.

Your grammar’s all wrecked to crap:
No punctuation, all initial caps,
Misspelled words a-bunch—
Some as simple as “lunch,”
And sentences forced together and slapped.

Your math is a joke, in addition,
Where even simple addition
Becomes a big chore
As well as a bore
And is always in need of revision.

Even reading takes hours on end—
More than you would ever spend,
No matter the book.
Really, just one look
Will make your poor mind twist and bend

‘Til it’s naught but a cerebral knot,
And you’ve lost all sense of the plot
Of the tale you’re being told,
And you’re left feeling old
And senile from your mental clot.

What can you do, then, when you’re numb
In the head and feel so dang dumb?
What tasks can you take?
What moves can you make
To send your dazedness on the run?

Do you just need a little nap
To help you escape your trap,
Or are you so ill
That you take a pill,
Despite drugs’ deserved bad rap?

Do you switch your attention elsewhere
Until you’re finally “all there”
And return to taking on
The task you were on,
Now that you’re finally prepared?

Do you simply give up and give in
And let your mental glitch win,
Then wallow in defeat
And pity so sweet
All ‘cause of this bind you’re in?

Or do you keep trudging along,
Trying to keep your morale strong
In spite of dull senses
And crippled defenses
That might help your dullness along?

Such is the question I wonder
When slowed wits hit me like thunder
During a summer storm,
Making my mind worn
As my brain cells get torn asunder.

Worse yet is my growing fear
That the condition I speak of here
May have no real cure,
Leaving my brain impure
And getting worse year after year.


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Poem of the Week: What Goes On in a Bully’s Mind?

Hello, readers!

This week, I have yet another sonnet about bullying. However, with this particular poem, I implore everyone reading to participate by leaving a reply in the comment section below as I ask everyone who has ever harassed another human being one simple question: Why?

The above question should more or less speak for itself, considering the nature of the composition I’ve included with it. That being said, then, here’s What Goes On in a Bully’s Mind?


What Goes On in a Bully’s Mind?
August 2, 2014

Screaming like a psycho atop your lungs,
Shrieking out things even you know aren’t true
Just so you can humiliate someone
Who happens to be a stranger to you.
Talking smack behind the soul’s back, thinking
Your friends will find you cute, tough, and funny
When they should wonder what you’ve been drinking
That’s made you so dumb and childish, honey.
Honestly, what do you get out of it?
What drives you to hurt other people so?
What’s your motivation behind this bit?
What sense does it make to cause others woe
When there are better ways to spend your time?
Tell me…what goes on in a bully’s mind?


Well, that should do it this week. Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my stuff, and by all means, feel free to search this blog for other poems about bullying—or, for that matter, any of the other topics I’ve written about here—and see what else strikes your fancy. Don’t be afraid, either, to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk to see what books I have available on the market as yet. Also, although I’ve taken a long break from agent-searching to work on editing the sequel to my latest project, The Kingdom of Somnia, I obviously haven’t given up on that particular novel yet and hope to start resubmitting my query for it soon enough, so wish me luck there.

In the meantime, folks, until we meet again, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Poem of the Week: After the Fall

Hello, readers!

For this week’s “Poem of the Week,” I’ve composed a good old-fashioned Shakespearean sonnet about a grown man who—even decades after having graduated middle school, high school, and college—still finds himself having to come to grips with all the bullying he’s had to endure from both school faculty and his fellow students. Without further ado, then, here’s After the Fall. Please enjoy!


After the Fall
July 26, 2014

Trying to move on, yet still can’t let go
From the visions of what I used to know.
Many years it’s been, yet it still hurts so.
Oh, what I’d give to fin’lly purge this woe!
All the teasing, the name-calling, the pranks—
All ‘cause I was not like any other.
Even now, life sucks, and I’ve “them” to thank
While I wonder how I might recover.
To think, too, that once, I was quite content
With all the gifts any kid could ask for,
Yet I look back now at how much I’ve spent
Living life like doing so was a chore.
Worse yet, I can’t go back to fix it all.
Such is how my life’s been after the fall.


Well, that’s that for this week. Thank you all again for stopping by and reading my stuff. Before I go, though, I just want to remind everyone that even though the topic of bullying has been pounded and pounded into the mainstream consciousness for a good number of years now, we must never forget that it’s up to everyone to keep bullies in check. After all, the bullying scene back when I was growing up was, for lack of a less hyperbolic term, an utter nightmare for kids my age to have to cope with, and I’ve had many a classmate who was a complete asshole towards others for no reason at all and would not let up picking on others until someone finally had the brains and the backbone to put the creep in his or her place. I’ve also known a good number of bullies, student and teacher alike, who’ve actually gotten away with pulling the stunts they have because the people in charge were too cowardly, ignorant, or otherwise neglectful to put a stop to their childish, demeaning behavior. Hopefully, the people in this latter group have finally either a) grown up and have remorse for their obnoxious and hurtful behavior or b) received their just desserts for their deeds. Likewise, here’s hoping that those of you out there who have ever been bullied yourselves, even if not necessarily in school, have been able to come to terms with the unfair treatment you’ve been handed and are happier and more productive on account of your successful healing processes.

All preaching aside, I encourage you as always to visit my author pages at Smashwords.comAmazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk and to check out any and all other poems I’ve written concerning bullying, including my most recent entry in the unofficial series, When Teachers Are the Bullies. Until then, folks, happy reading!

Dustin M. Weber

Poem of the Week: One Character

One Character
July 16, 2014

One character,
One template.
Template from an idea,
Template upon which to build—
Build a persona,
Build a life,
Life into existence,
Life into a whole new world—
World of adventure,
World of wonder.
Wonder whom else you’ll meet?
Wonder what will happen,
Happen to your character,
Happen in due time?
Time alone will tell.
Time for it all to unfold,
Unfold before your eyes,
Unfold within your mind,
Mind for adventure,
Mind for intrigue—
Intrigue of deceit,
Intrigue of villainy,
Villainy to unearth,
Villainy to thwart,
Thwart with wit,
Thwart with courage,
Courage under fire,
Courage against danger.
Danger around every corner,
Danger in the least likely places,
Places of monsters and mazes,
Places where treasure lies,
Lies deep within,
Lies out in the open—
Open for you to discover.
Open and see what’s inside,
Inside Pandora’s Box,
Inside which resides Hope—
Hope for something fresh,
Hope for something new:
New adventures,
New excitement,
Excitement for a new crowd,
Excitement for a new age,
Age of enlightenment,
Age of renewal for all—
All thanks to Step One,
All thanks to that first character…


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